Terms and Conditions

Effective bate: 11.08.2023

These Terms apply to

  • the usage of ux.berg school and its programs,

  • any other related Agreement or legal relationship with the Owner in a legally binding way.

The User is obligated to read this document carefully.

ux.berg school is made available by:

Inessa-Kristina Mir
Postfach 4 07 16
Berlin 10064

Contact email: hi@uxberg.com

1. Definitions

1.1 About Us: We are ux.berg school ("School," "us," "we," or "our"), owned by Inessa-Kristina Mir ("Owner"). Our address is Postfach 4 07 16, Berlin, 10064, Germany. We offer online courses in UX/UI Design on our website uxberg.com ("Website").

1.2 Terms and Services: These are the rules ("Terms") that apply to all the services provided by ux.berg school on our Website ("Services"). These rules are for people who use our Services and agree to these Terms ("User" or "Student"). You can find the latest version of these Terms on our Website. You can also print, download, or save them.

1.3 Our Rules: These Terms are the ones that count. Other rules that the User might have don't apply unless we write them down and agree on them in writing.

2. Description of Services and How the Contract Works

2.1 What We Offer: We've created online programs ("Programs") at ux.berg school that help people learn the skills for design and tech careers. Each Program has a set time. When you join a Program, you'll access course materials on our Website, through the Slack community, and on Zoom.

2.2 How to Join: After you register for a Program, we'll send you all the info you need via email. This also gives us permission to email you important course details. The Programs you see on our Website are like an official offer from us to you ("Offer").

2.3 Accepting the Offer: You agree to the Offer when you choose a ux.berg school Program and complete the purchase. We'll confirm that we got your booking right away. Once you book, you can access the Program you picked starting on the agreed Program Start Date.

2.4 For Minors: If you're under 18 or legally not able to make decisions, your guardian needs to agree to your booking.

2.5 Help from Others: We use services like Slack, Zoom, Miro, and Figma to help with teaching. But this doesn't mean we support or control them. If you accept our offer, you're agreeing that we're not responsible for any issues with these services.

2.6 Showing Your Work: Sometimes we might show off the work you did in a Program ("Student Work") to promote ux.berg school. We'll get your permission first, and you let us use your name with your work. But we'll only use it to talk about ux.berg school.

2.7 Admission Decision

Admission Approval: At ux.berg school, we have the right to decide not to offer you a program for sale. We might do this if:

  • We think you might not have the right qualifications for the program.

  • Previous termination of an existing contract.

  • We feel that our teaching style might not match your goals or learning needs.

  • You've been disrespectful or unprofessional while talking to us.

Final Decision: If the Owner or any team member decides not to let you join, we'll let you know in writing. This decision is final.

3. About Certificates

Certificates We Give: The certificates you get from ux.berg school after you finish a Program are only for us. They aren't meant for government exams. Our certificates can't replace official government ones.

4. Payments and How to Pay

4.1 Payment Details: The fees for our courses come from the price list you see on our Website when you buy. You have to pay the course fee, even if you don't use the Services we offer. This doesn't affect your rights under warranty.

4.2 Ways to Pay: You can pay online using the methods we show on our Website. But we might offer these options to some Users and not others.

4.3 Paying in Parts: If you want, you can pay for courses in parts. We work with Stripe and Klarna to make this easy. They handle how it works. If you don't keep up with payments, you might lose access to the Program.

4.4 Discounts: You can only use one discount code for each order. The discount comes off your total payment.

4.5 Changes to Discounts: Sometimes we might change or stop a discount offer. But if you already enrolled with a discount code, it won't affect you.

5. Contract Duration, Refunds, and Ending the Contract

5.1 Changing Your Mind: If you decide you don't want to be in a UX hackathon within the first five (5) days from when you signed up, you can get all your money back. Just send us an email at hi@uxberg.com to let us know. We'll refund you using the same payment method. Remember, you don't need to give a reason. Other programs other than UX hackathon can't be refunded due to the nature of the programs. We appreciate your understanding.

5.3 Refund Process: If we refund you, we'll use the same way you paid, and you won't face any extra fees.

5.4 No Refunds After 5 Days: Once those five days are over, we can't refund you for UX hackathon on the Website. We appreciate your understanding. If you still want to leave, send an email to hi@uxberg.com.

5.5 Payment Provider Fees: If your payment provider charged you fees, we can't give those back.

5.6 Immediate Loss of Access: Canceling means you lose access right away to everything related to the Program.

5.8 Finishing Work Before Payment: Even if you finish your work early, you still need to pay the agreed-upon amount at the time you bought the Program.

5.9 Cancelling to Re-Enroll: Right now, you can't cancel to sign up again because our Programs are short-term. We'll let you know if this changes.

5.10 When We Might Withdraw You: We can take you out of the program if:

  • You're way behind in a course (more than two months for longer courses, or more than a month for shorter ones).

  • You're not paying us like you should (missing payments by more than a month).

  • You copy others' work more than once.

  • You're disrespectful or abusive to others.

  • You're not using feedback to improve your work.

5.7 Pausing Programs: Our Programs let you learn at your own pace within a set time. Remember, any time you're not working on the course is your responsibility and won't change the Program's duration. Right now, you can't pause or freeze a course during the Program period. When you're enrolled, make sure to keep up with payments since pauses aren't an option.

6. Technical Requirements

Using Our Services: You need to follow our technical rules for a smooth experience on our Website and with our Programs. This means having a computer or similar device, a stable internet connection, and a video conferencing service like Slack, Zoom, or Google Meet for video calls. We won't guide you with technical problems, though.

7. Your Content

What You Share: If you add anything to our Services ("User Content"), make sure you have the right to share it and that it's legal and respectful. We might take down content that doesn't follow these rules without telling you first.

8. Using Our Content

Our Content: You can use the content we provide on our Website only for our Services and Programs. Don't use it for anything else without asking us first.

9. Taking Responsibility

Being Responsible: You promise to defend us if someone sues us because of how you use our Services. This includes claims about your use, your User Content, or breaking these Terms. If we need help defending ourselves, you'll work with us.

10. Other Services

Using Third-Party Services: You might use other services through our Services ("Third-Party Services"). Be careful; you're responsible for anything that happens when you use them, and we're not involved in those agreements or actions.

11. Our Promises

Our Services: We can't promise that our Programs and Website will always be available, but we'll fix technical issues reasonably.

12. Your Data

Privacy Policy: We explain how we collect, process, and protect your data in our Privacy Policy. If you're worried about your data, reach out to us at hi@uxberg.com.

13. Changes to Terms

Updates to Terms: Sometimes we might change these Terms. We'll let you know about changes via email or writing at least two weeks before they happen. If you don't disagree within six weeks, you're agreeing to the changes. We'll tell you about objecting if you want. If you object, we might not let you join our Programs anymore.

14. Legal Stuff

German Laws: These Terms follow the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany excluding the Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) and the conflict of laws provisions. If you're a consumer, your local laws still apply if they're stronger.

14.2 Where We Settle Disputes: If you're a business, public organization, or special fund, Berlin, Germany is where we solve any issues.

14.3 If Things Go Wrong: If some parts of these Terms are invalid, the rest still count. We'll replace invalid parts with legal ones if needed. If this replacement is unfair to one side, the whole contract might be invalid.

14.4 Language of the Contract: This contract is in English.

15. Program Access

Lifetime Access: If you graduate a Program, you get lifelong access to its materials and updates. If you cancel a part of a Program, you lose access to all materials. New Programs or versions aren't included. Keep your own work records since materials might change. We might remove access to materials.

16. Communication Rules

Our Community: We keep a respectful community. Follow our communications policy, including no inappropriate language, ads, or unlawful behavior. Breaking these rules might mean we remove you from the Program. See Section 8.2 for more.

This is a formal agreement between you and ux.berg school. When you enroll in our programs, you're agreeing to follow the terms and conditions stated above.

© 2023, Inessa-Kristina Mir

© 2023, Inessa-Kristina Mir

© 2023, Inessa-Kristina Mir